The following categories of courses are for purchase: Charges in INR ( Indian Rupees, Rs.) is given, for accessing a period of 1.25 years from the date of purchase

Typical charges for individual courses, and for entire category are given below. Checkout for the actual rates as applicable, in the respective product description. 

A course (other than GATE-GA, and GATE-CH) consist of detailed notes, questions and solutions in topic wise, test-yourself questions. The questions are predominantly from GATE-CH. Typical questions from other relevant streams (ME, MT, MN, CE, XE, IN, etc), and the questions adapted from various other sources are also added. 

GATE-CH: It is a collection of GATE-CH questions of 1988-2022. For every question (except a few ~ 5%), answer keys are available. You shall verify your answer. The detailed solution to most part of these questions are available in respective courses. 

GATE-GA: It is a collection of General Aptitude questions of GATE 2010-2022. For every question, answer keys are available. You shall verify your answer. Solutions to 2010-2017 questions are available in the courses - Verbal Ability, and,  Numerical Ability.  

  1. Chemical Engineering Courses (buy all the courses in this category as a bundle for Rs. 5000/-)
    1. Process Calculations (Rs. 400/-)
    2. Thermodynamics (Rs. 600/-)
    3. Fluid Mechanics (Rs. 500/-)
    4. Mechanical Operations (Rs. 400/-)
    5. Heat Transfer (Rs. 600/-)
    6. Mass Transfer (Rs. 600/-)
    7. Reaction Engineering (Rs. 600/-)
    8. Process Control (Rs. 600/-)
    9. Process Economics (Rs. 400/-)
    10. Process Equipment Design (Rs. 400/-)
    11. Chemical Technology (Rs. 400/-)
    12. Mathematics (Rs. 300/-)
    13. GATE-CH (Rs. 400/-)
    One month access to every course is available at about one-third of the above fees. The above fees are only representative. Check the actual fees at
  2. General Aptitude Courses (buy all the courses in this category as a bundle for Rs. 500/-)
    1. Verbal Ability  (Rs. 150/-)
    2. Numerical Ability (Rs. 250/-)
    3. GATE-GA (Rs. 150/-)

  3. Sofware Courses
    1. LaTeX in Two Weeks (Rs. 800/-)

Cancellation and Refunding