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      Prepare for GATE2025 with 120 hours of recorded lectures, 30 hours of live discussions, and Tests

      Discussions on Recorded Lectures during October to December, and Tests during January.

      10 weeks x 12 hours per week of recorded lectures.

      10 weeks x 3 hours per week of discussions (on evenings 6:30 to 8 pm of Monday and Friday). 

      Discussion Classes by Online during 4th October'2024 to 20th December'2024. 

      1 test per subject during October to December; and 2 tests per week during January.

      Access to recorded lectures of Chemical Engineering and textual courses of Chemical Engineering and General Aptitude, for 6 months / end of February'2025 (whichever is higher) from the date of purchase.

      Total Charges inclusive of 18% GST: Rs. 18,000/-

      Enrollment closes by 1st October'2024.

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