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    MSubbu Academy provides an extensive and interactive database of knowledge that is tailor made for Chemical Engineers! 

    Sign up and take advantage of the courses provided. The courses are structured in a manner that makes learning simpler and more effective. MSubbu Academy has everything from Quick Review guides for competitive exams like GATE to Video lectures to guides and Materials. MSubbu Academy is guaranteed to expand your knowledge on ChemE core subjects so you will have a wide arsenal of tools to help you thrive in the corporate world.

    MSubbu Academy has a plethora of interactive material available for the student. Make the most out of the interactive self-assessment quizzes, tasks and assignments provided. Apart from these, you will also be equipped with an vast question bank consisting of detailed and objective-type questions with detailed solutions to all the questions.

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    • MSubbu
      Dr. M. Subramanian, the founder of MSubbu Academy is a seasoned professional in his field of Chemical Engineering. He has been a renowned figure in the ChemE field for over 3 decades! With over 21 years of experience in teaching, 5 years of research experience and 2 years of field experience, he has a vast database of knowledge he can pass onto his pupils.
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      Access an online library with materials on all Chemical Engineering core subjects on a single platform. The material provided will help you learn at your own pace and the assessments will help you gauge your proficiency in the subject. Complete all the tasks and modules and complete the course as a ChemE veteran!
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      All the courses are kept refreshed with the frequent addition of textual contents and video lectures and up-to-date quizzes!

      More Interactive Online Classes:
      Learning becomes fun if we start learning together! To make your learning more interesting, more interactive online classes are introduced. One can attend the classes in-person or through Zoom. Classes are through smart-classroom facility from Chennai, in the evenings of weekdays, and mornings of weekends.

      Get your doubts clarified by interaction with experts of MSubbu Academy by attending the Live Online Classes - Every Saturday
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    • Chemical Engineering Textual and Video Lecture Courses (Favorites)

      Process Calculations


      Fluid Mechanics

      Mechanical Operations

      Heat Transfer

      Mass Transfer

      Reaction Engineering

      Process Control

      Process Economics

    • Process Calculations - Video Lectures

      Thermodynamics - Video Lectures

      Fluid Mechanics - Video Lectures

      Mechanical Operations - Video Lectures

      Heat Transfer - Video Lectures

      Mass Transfer - Video Lectures

      Reaction Engineering - Video Lectures

      Process Control - Video Lectures

      Process Economics - Video Lectures

    • Online Course Bundles / Coaching Classes

      Chemical Engineering Textual Courses Bundle

      Chemical Engineering Video Lectures Bundle

      GATE2025 Chemical Engineering Coaching - Fast Track Classes

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • There are two types of courses available: (i) textual courses, (ii) ideo-lecture courses.

      Textual courses: herein we have course contents predominantly in form of textual web pages (with images wherever required). They have notes, questions with solutions, self-assessment quizzes, and a few video lectures. See sample.

      Video-Lecture courses: herein we provide videos for quick review of a subject and problem solving. Along with videos, transcripts available.  See sample.

      Most of the courses are enabled with guest access, and one can go through some of the contents therein, without even logging in. 

    • We have a completely automated purchase and enrollment system. Once the payment is done, in few seconds you will be enrolled to the course as a student. You can access the course contents in full, immediately. 

    • Downloading of contents is prevented. You can access the contents by logging into our site. We charge a nominal fee. Hence you can keep your enrolment live for getting updates and learn at your convenience.

    • The regular services are:
      • Providing self-paced online courses for the core subjects of Chemical Engineering.
      • Conducting online classes for GATE Coaching in Chemical Engineering.
      • One-to-one tuitions for the core subjects of Chemical Engineering. Charges are about 2500 to 3000 Indian Rupees per hour.