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    Msubbu Academy provides Textual-Courses and Video-Lectures on Chemical Engineering  for in-depth understanding of key-topics of core subjects. Learn by analyzing the questions of past GATE exams, and standard textbooks with the solutions and insights of experts and peers. Study the core subjects topic-wise with short notes, worked out problems connected with keywords. Post your questions, get it solved by peers. Learn from everyone. Assess your learning with random questions any number of times. Enrich your future.  Happy Learning!

    Course Contents and Features:

    Frequent Updates:

    All the courses are kept refreshed with the frequent addition of textual contents and video lectures and up to date quizzes!

    More Interactive Online Classes:
    Learning becomes fun if we start learning together! To make your learning more interesting, more interactive online classes are introduced. One can attend the classes in-person or through Zoom. Classes are through smart-classroom facility from Chennai, in the evenings of weekdays, and mornings of weekends. 

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    • Chemical Engineering Textual Courses (Favorites)

      Process Calculations


      Fluid Mechanics

      Heat Transfer

      Mass Transfer

      Reaction Engineering

      Process Control

      Chemical Engineering Bundle - Textual Courses

    • Chemical Engineering Video Lectures (Favorites)

      Process Calculations - Video Lectures

      Thermodynamics - Video Lectures

      Fluid Mechanics - Video Lectures

      Heat Transfer - Video Lectures

      Mass Transfer - Video Lectures

      Reaction Engineering - Video Lectures

      Process Control - Video Lectures

      Chemical Engineering Video Lectures Bundle