Quick Review of Theory and Solving Representative Problems on Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics covering the undergraduate chemical engineering syllabus, and latest GATE-exam syllabus: Basic Concepts, PVT Behavior of Pure Components, First Law, Second Law, Thermodynamic Relations, Flow Processes, Multicomponent Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria, Reaction Equilibria. 

  • Objective Type Questions and Problems with Detailed Solutions (120 nos.) - Video Lectures with Handwritten-Transcripts
  • Topic-wise Interactive Self-Assessment Quizzes
  • Questions from Past GATE Exams CH, XE, ME streams, and Standard Textbooks such as Smith & Vanness, Kyle etc.
  • Videos: 18 hours of recorded lectures - 5 hours of Theory; 13 hours of Problem Solving

These are Recordings of Live Online Coaching Classes on GATE-Chemical Engineering - Covering the Essentials of "Thermodynamics".

What will you get?

Videos with hand-written solutions to be accessed from www.msubbu.academy

        • 18 hours of classes – with 5 hours on Theory and 13 hours on Problem Solving. Problems detailing with solution for 109 questions.
        • Self-assessment Problems with Solutions
Details of Videos: 

Thermodynamics – Quick Review of Theory & Problem Solving

Class No. Hours. Topics Discussed
1. 1:00 Theory: Basic Concepts, PVT Behavior of Pure Components, First Law
2. 3:00 Problems on above topics
3. 1:00 Theory: Second Law, Thermodynamic Relations
4. 1:00 Problems on Second Law
5. 1:00 Problems on Thermodynamic Relations
6. 2:00 Theory and Problems on Thermodynamics of Flow Processes
7. 1:00 Theory and Problems Solution Thermodynamics
8. 1:00 Theory: Phase and Reaction Equilibria
9. 2:00 Problems from Solution Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria
10. 1:00 Problems on Reaction Equilibria
11. 2:30 Review of Thermodynamics by Solving Conceptual Problems
12. 1:00 Review – Thermodynamic Relations, Phase Equilibria, Reaction Equilibria.

Total 18 hours of classes – with 5 hours on Theory and 13 hours on Problem Solving.
Count of Video Explanations on Problem Solving:
Basic Concepts: 8
PVT Behavior: 11
First Law: 11
Second Law: 5
Thermodynamic Relations: 6
Flow Processes: 4
Solution Thermodynamics : 6
Phase Equilibria: 7
Reaction Equilibria: 7

Total Problems as above: 65
Review: 44

Total problems: 109

Sample Videos: